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ner finds by what it was he has been deceived.” 350 He made a perfunctory salutation and turned on his heel. Rodvard went with the rower, a bur

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ly man in a shirt with no jacket over it, asking as he strode along; “What was it he meant by saying I’d find it hard to run far?” The face co

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mposed in wrinkles of astonishment. “Why, he’s an Initiate! You’d no more than think on an evasion when the guards would be at your heels.” R


odvard looked at him in counter-surprise (and a shiver ran through him at the thought that these people of the Prophet might somehow have learned to

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read minds without the intervention of any Blue Star, a thing he had heard before only as a rumor). “What!” he said to change the subject. “I se

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e no badges of status anywhere. Is it true that you have none in Mancherei?” The man made a face. “No status in the dominion—at least that is


what the learners and diaconals say in their services.” He looked across his shoulder. “They’ll give you stat

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us enough, though, if you hold to their diet of greens and

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fish. Bah. Here we are.”

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The breakfast was not fish, but an excellent casse

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